The most commonly asked questions are listed below. If you have additional questions, please contact the Euclid Team anytime!

Your referred patients are covered under OHIP, we do not charge you a fee to see the patients.

Our goal is to enhance patient care by screening for ocular diseases and treating preventable blindness. We can give your patients access to world-class ophthalmology experts at their convenience.

We ask that patients come 15 minutes prior to their appointment time for eye drops. The screening assessment takes 15 mins.

Euclid will take the referral you send us via fax or efax, and we will organize everything else. After an ophthalmologist from Euclid's trusted network has reviewed the results of the diagnostics, a consultation letter will be sent to your office with the assessment and plan.

Referrals can be faxed to Euclid at 613-417-3333.

Yes, we would be happy to tailor one for your clinic.

We are happy to discuss if Euclid's service may be a fit for your health care office or facility and we can be reached through any of the following:

By phone: 613-344-3000, x302 for the Director of Operations

By email:

We can service your facility for as many days that are needed to keep up with patient flow.

Yes, anyone can be referred. Patients aged 40 or more should have their ocular health checked annually.

Yes, a letter will be sent to your office for each patient to inform you of the assessment and impression.

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